Lions Park, Gympie Terrace, Noosaville 4566 Qld



Rowing is OARSOME!….. Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club is situated on the banks of our pristine Noosa River. At NYRC we pride ourselves on the spirit of achievement by participation, where both the club and the individual mutually benefit. We offer a range of rowing options to cater to all levels of capability; Learn to Row, Club Rowing for ages 18 and upwards, training to competitive standard, recreational and social rowing.

NYRC Rowing Department’s philosophy is all-inclusive, where all ages row and compete together in a club environment.


If you are interested in a sport that keeps you fit, is low impact and caters for all levels of participation, from competition to recreation, why not join our Learn to Row Course (over 18 years only) starting on 14th October 2023.

If interested, please contact John Edginton (Rowing Captain) on

Ph 0414 611 188

or email

This course consists of 10 training sessions under the tuition of fully qualified Level 1 “Learn to Row” coaches. We run the course using crew boats (Quads and Doubles) and those participants that progress will end up in single sculls.

The course consists of 2 early morning sessions per week. (Saturday and one week day)

The course fee is $320 for 10 lessons.

(Which includes Rowing QLD Limited Insurance for 3 months)

The course runs for 5 weeks where you learn the skills required to make you a safe and independent rower ready to embark on your own rowing future.

On completion of the course you will obtain a “Certificate of Competency.”

On completion should you wish to join the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club as a full member, $110 of the course fee is deducted from the Cub membership fees.

At the end of this course, there is an all-members Club Regatta and BBQ.


Ongoing training programs and coaching is offered to rowers who would like to further their fitness and experience levels to a competitive standard. Training varies depending on personal needs but are generally conducted 2 – 3 times per week.

Coaching is on an ad-hoc basis where a certain number of sessions are covered by the membership fee with the option to pay for additional coaching sessions as required.

This training & coaching consists of:-

  • Training programs covering all boat types with selected intensity leading up to each club regatta.
  • Single and Crew Coaching is designed to identify areas for rowers to work on
  • Coaching for those wanting to learn single oar crew rowing.


Each Saturday is club day where all standards of rowers, get out on the beautiful Noosa River to buddy up and share the fun in singles and crew boats.

Many members catch up over coffee after their morning rows and social events and trophy night happen throughout the year.